… of course, if you believe that, maybe you’ll be interested in some land for sale in the Everglades.

But as I’m reading all these doom and gloom posts today about layoffs, an analogy springs to mind. If you take a look at the so-called layoff tracker that TechCrunch has, they list a grand total of 3,689 jobs lost, and 3,000 of those come from eBay and the unconfirmed Yahoo layoffs.
So of the 20 remaining companies that have announced layoffs, there have been only 689 employees laid off (half of which came from nVidia). Take nVidia from the equation and we’re only talking about 320 people.
If you watch late night TV, as I often do working for overnights at Mashable, you see a lot of commercials for weightloss products.  Very often, they’re making bodacious claims like “lost 10 pounds in three weeks!”
Quite honestly, I can fluctuate my weight by 10 pounds on a heavy eating day (granted, it’d take a couple trips to McDonald’s). Similarly, though, if you look at the overall economy, either limiting the scope to all tech jobs or the entire American economy, this is nothing. This ebb and flow happens on a daily basis.
Just sayin’.
I hope I can get my brain off politics and economics and back into tech soon.  I’m starting to annoy even myself with this stuff.

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