I’ve never read George F. Colony’s blog before, so I don’t know his tone or expertise very well. I do know he had a Techmeme headline yesterday, and an interesting blog post behind that.

The post was called “Why this tech recession will be different,” in which he enumerated five ways that this time around will be much different than the bust at the turn of the milleneum. It’s a good read. You should check it out.
In case you don’t have the time to read all that, let me sum it up for you why it’ll be different this time: The Law of Accelerating Returns.
Technology begets technology. Last time around, we were scrambling for a distribution phase on this thing called the Web. These days, we’re not in the Web business, or even the tech business. We’re in the innovation business. Social media and advanced platform engineering have pushed us into the world of having to sell unproven (yet somehow wholly plausible and realistic) ideas that work rather than a website.
Don’t believe me? Look at Android. Look at OpenSocial. Look at EC2/AWS. Look at Azure.
The game keeps getting changed every five minutes (and somehow that’s not fast enough for us).
It’s come too far to fail. We’re no longer in the “does tech work for me” phase, but “how do I make tech work better for me” phase. The machine won’t let us fail, at this point.

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