I’ve been playing around with my new-ish machine, and I’m rediscovering a lot of stuff I just didn’t have the capability to play with before because, well, my old machines sucked.

One of the things I’ve been doing is running around and installing just about every Adobe Air app I can get my hands on, because generally they slide around and do cool graphical things I’ve not seen in a while, and I like making my computer do pretty things on the screen. So I installed the Adobe Media Player.  
First, the good: it has the one capability I’ve always wanted in a media player for serialized online content – it plays my subscriptions one after another with no skips, halts, clicks, or other annoying things. 
The bad: the selection is very limited. I can’t subscribe to podcast feeds of my own choosing.
It’s a deal-breaker, unfortunately.
I’ve also realized that Rev3 has cancelled almost all my favorite shows with their recent layoffs. I wanted to watch Martin Sargent’s shows and Sarah Lane’s show.  Back to using iTunes for Tekzilla, I suppose.
That’s all I got.  I’m off to sleep.
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