Look, I respect the fact that Barack Obama is president-elect now, and when he assumes office, I’ll give him as much respect as the station demands.
It doesn’t mean I have to like it that Obama won.
All that unity and healing that you guys keep saying needs to happen now? Calling me a sore loser isn’t a great first step. Just because your guy won doesn’t mean I’m drinking the kool-aid here.
The reference to cult-like behavior is intentional. I’ve never known the joy of “my guy” winning the office of the president, so maybe it’s just sour grapes, but I’ve seen hundreds of reactions on the web in various places that make reference to tears of joy and other sorts of orgasmic sighs of relief.
If your expectations are set that high, you will be disappointed. At the end of the day, President-Elect Obama is still a politician. Politicians say what it takes to win office.
At any rate, I’ll close with my tweet from when I saw the networks call the election for Obama: 
“If you thought I was annoying during the elections, just wait for the next four years. Be careful what you wish for!”
The way I see it, it’s the least I can do. There are going to be an avalanche of people taking credit for Obama’s win, tons of substance ascribed where there is none, and a lot of “in your face, Rizzn.” 
(update: in fact, that’s already started).
And I’ll be annoying as ever as all the things I warned about inherent to Obama’s tech policies come to pass over the next four years. I’m never averse to saying “see, I toldja so.”
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