I think, sometimes, I’m ethical to a fault.

Take, for instance, this project I started working on putting together last night. It’s collaborative, and if it prospers and succeeds, I stand to profit from it. I can’t make money with this without the help of others.
The first four people I asked to help all unconditionally said “yes, they’re on board” via IM. Their reply hit the screen almost as soon as my IM saying “I plan on sharing revenue” hit the screen.
In all four cases, that little devil that sits on my shoulder said “Now Mark, you’re leaving money on the table. These people would’ve helped you for free.”
Of course that’s probably not altogether true.  I believe in offering payment, even when none is asked for, because when it’s clear that it’s not just a friendly arrangement, but a business one, there is a greater expectation of mutual performance.  Of course, as the guy paying the money, it always puts more pressure on me to come up with a supportive business plan and a solid cashflow.
I think it’s the ethical thing, though.
I’m guessing, though, that even though these people are my friends and want to see me succeed, part of why they say yes is that they know I’m ethical ‘to a fault,’ and that I want to bring others up with me.
That, or all my friends just have no business sense. 🙂
Either way, I appreciate my friends, and hope we all prosper together. You know who you are.
In other news, I’ll be in Dallas tomorrow.  If you want to set up a business meeting or just a get together, ring me on my GrandCentral line (it’s on the sidebar at rizzn.com).

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