I just had a completely random thought. This requires a bit of set up for most of my readers.

Mechanical Turk, farming and robotics, right? That’s the concept.

I just saw that commercial above for GameStop, and it inspired a thought. The above scene really isn’t that far off from the repetitive motions you go through in Ultima Online or  World of Warcraft in order to get ahead and get the gold or goal or whatever else is going on.
Similarly, robotic and botanical technology is sufficiently advanced that you could have a partially manned set of robotic hands that would do more or less everything required to grow, pick, and maintain most plants we use for food (like picking fruit, sowing seeds and such).
meccano-spyke-wifi-robotMechanical Turk is a system that takes repetitive tasks that require some human intelligence, but I haven’t seen it applied to much other than data processing. There are, as we know, web interfaces for robotic devices.
I was just at Toys ‘R Us shopping the other day for my son, and off the shelf

was just such a robotic device.  From your computer, as long as the robot was in range of an Internet capable wireless network, you could make it move around, pick stuff up, show you video of where it was, and make VoIP calls.
So when are we going to get a robotically controlled farm in which for .05 per plum picked, users just log on to a web interface and bring in the harvest? Workers aren’t displaced, just put behind a computer screen (and instead of “farming for gold,” they’ll be farming for real).  The technology is literally here right now.
Should I have just shut up and started a robo-farm myself?
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