I spoke with a MetroPCS representative today who answered a lot of my questions, though not in a particularly satisfactory manner:

1) They don’t have a way to initiate an email from the SMS interface, although they don’t have a good reason why you can reply to emails and not initiate them there.

2) The young lady hadn’t heard of Twitter before. Ironically, MetroPCS has a Twitter account. If you recall, they block Twitter on MetroPCS.

3) They are “sorry” that the website lied about this phone having GPS. They suggest I use the free Mapquest application, where you hafta type in the address to what you want a map for.

4) They are also “sorry” Loopt doesn’t work. They still insist it should work, but admit that the Loopt website doesn’t show that the Samsung Spex r210 as a compatible device.

5) They also said that, contrary to what’s on the website (“High speed data [CDMA 2000 1x Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) Technology]”), you cannot use this phone to access the Internet from your laptop via a Bluetooth dongle.

At this point, I’m leaning towards just downgrading my plan to the bare minimum simply because I need a communications device, and there’s the chance I can hack it to work if I give it another day’s worth of effort (notify.me shows some promise).

If you wanna have any sort of smartphone or advanced mobile Internet functionality, though, I definitely wouldn’t recommend MetroPCS at any level.

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