Art and I are still in the process of editing my book, and the emergent theme amidst all the technology and politics I’ve pontificated on for the last year or so has been the idea of control of imaginary ones and zeros, and how significant that control can be.

Particularly when it’s your ones and zeros.

Mike Massnick wrote on what could very well end up being a large part of the book’s sequel, President Elect Obama’s landgrab for more power on the Internet:

A bunch of folks have been sending in the various news stories about a new report recommending to the incoming presidential administration a set up a national cybersecurity policy, which is the sort of broad pronouncement that many people would instinctively agree with. However, it’s not really clear what this covers.


There’s also talk of some new kind of warrant called “data warrants” rather than search warrants. Obviously, protecting internet infrastructure from foreign attacks is a good thing, but there’s a lot here that seems like a grab for power — and the ability to more closely gather and monitor data.

It’s the sort of thing I’ve been warning about throughout the entire candidacy and campaign – power tends to want more power, but the liberal ideology combined with the pseudo-tech-literacy of the Obama campaign spelled doom for a lot of the civil liberties we enjoy on the web.

Usually I grin like an idiot when I say “See, I told you so.”  Not this time.

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