Who doesn’t love dancing robots? For $600, you can have a robot dance to Beck (or just about any other tune you like) without paying the multi-thousand dollar Sony premium.

Check out the video below – the MechRC apparently comes with around 100 pre-programmed moves, and is infinitely configurable with a programming language that allows you to create even more.

More deets from Thoughts from the Sidelines:

Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot, which, incidentally, has been ‘designed by the Transformer artist’ – hence its particularly mean looks – comes with IR remote as well as a USB/Serial communications cable which allows to you program the MechRC robot via an easy to use interface utilising filmstrip style sequencing command software which will also allow you to add sound effects or a soundtrack (to which the MechRC can strut its stuff) which will be played through a speaker mounted in MechRC’s chest.

Cool stuff. Consider it officially on this year’s wishlist.

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