This is crazy looking and a great steampunk (?) robot from the Mutoid Waste Company in Britain. They make artwork from discarded parts found at junkyards that looks like it would best be at home at BurningMan. Their gallery of artwork is interesting stuff, but their latest creation, created in weeks, not years, was featured on Don’t PanicTV.

GizmoWatch has the details, for those who can’t glean it from the video itself:

These steampunkish dudes at Mutoid Waste Company have been in the lap of everything we call scrap, making stuff that is beyond even the best sitting in the helm in factories. Larry is their latest induction to crawl through the gates of the workshop and onto the busy streets of London, breathing fire out of its metal hood with each step forward. The walking robot dog Larry surely stunned each passerby with its massive build and the fire spitting. Made entirely from scrap, the robo-dog has a Citroen 2CV engine fitted inside the metal frames. Constructed to ably walk on its front two legs, Larry has two tires stitched in place of the hind legs. Built to perfection in about four weeks, the robot also uses an old Feat car gear box to dress up the legs, while for the head a Citroen 2CV engine is used. For the eyes, Larry has a radar detecting device from an airplane scrapyard and some industrial machines parts for the other body components. Catch the robot in action after the jump.

Interesting stuff. Runs a little slow, but it’s impressive none-the-less.

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