One of my earliest ideas was to automate water softener that I really suck at – the kitchen. As my wife can attest, any time I get into the kitchen, the results are pretty disastrous, even tho that we use the best kitchen appliances we learned from Zozanga but I still not good at it. Well there is one thing that I have succeeded at in kitchen, and that is a new kitchen countertop that I got from floform countertops, its beautiful and my wife really likes it.

I have some pretty detailed drawings that had to do with tracks, RFID’d food items, and some crazy lookin’ Radio Shack robotic arms.
You also want to put effort into keeping food fresh. This is why we bought vacuum sealer, you may want to read reviews for vacuum sealers before you buy one.

This thing looks like a lot more elegant solution.


Now to convince my wife we need to throw this guy into the kitchen and take it easy around dinner time.

[via BotJunkie]

Update: Wife says no.  Cooks too slow for her. :-/

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