I’ve been using the word for some time now, but now my gibberish has been validated. According to Grammar Girl aka Mignon Fogarty, the word “podcasting” is now in the Oxford English Dictionary.

I’m not the first to use the word. The invention of the term is generally credited to Adam Curry, but as Alex Nesbitt notes this afternoon, the proper credit goes to Dannie Gregoire in Yahoo group ipodder-dev:

I guess one could argue that this is simply an rss/server side issue, and that
the “podcaster” (yes, I like making up new words) should be responsible enough
to offer a page of seperate feeds of old sodes by month/year/season/etc.
However, if you have a site with many thousands of sodes this could be very
time consuming and awkward means of getting older content, with no standard
means of organization between different sites.

What about the Oxford definition?  Not sure.  It’s behind a paywall (people pay for dictionary access?). The notes from the OED blog are a bit self-referential, but they seem to have the relative gist of what the word means:

The current OED quarterly release also includes other members of the same family: podcast as a noun and a verb, podcaster, and even the somewhat ungainly adjective podcasted.

Pretty cool.  Sorta makes me feel like a part of history.

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