twitorfit-logo TwitOrFit.  It’s a long awaited mashup from the folks who brought you and huddle, and it’s one of those super-simple sites to explain: Hot or Not for Twitter.

Nick pinged me on it early this morning:

The project is a collaboration between and – in a Twitter conversation between myself + @huddlesuz I mentioned that we needed ‘hot or not for twitter‘, and that is how it all started. Andy from Huddle (@bandrew) came up with the domain name + logo – and we have done the development (all in PHP).

The site operates pretty simply as well. You can only vote for yourself if you sign up to be voted on, and the picture is automatically taken from your Twitter profile. If your profile picture changes, you’re eligible to be voted on again by the users, but generally you’re only going to be rated once.


There are some viral aspects – if you don’t want your twitter list to know you’re on the site for whatever reason, you can opt out of the announcement being sent out automatically. Alternatively, if you’re proud of your rating there, you can grab a badge from the system to put on your site or other social media profiles.

It’s an idea who’s time has come as Twitter enters the mainstream. This will undoubtedly become the next big Twitter meme.

Go check it out. It’s good clean fun.

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