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facebook-disqus The decision between Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect is one I’ve been mulling over for in terms of which direction I want to take this blog in.  Obviously, I’ve had Google Friend Connect installed for a while (join my site!).

But I stated a bit of my thoughts and confusion on the connects the other day:

GFC is incredibly easy to install – of all the commenting and ID logins, by far the easiest.  I had it up on all pages at Rizzn.com in under five minutes. Pete posted this thing last night that showed you how to install FC “in under 8 minutes,” which really means it takes eight minutes to watch the HOWTO video, and then another five or ten minutes digging through your own code to figure out where to paste it.

The payoff, supposedly, is greater though. With Facebook Connect, any time someone interacts with your pages, something will pop right up there in their timeline.  It’s almost the same thing that happens when someone (who is a FriendFeed user) interacts with a Disqus comment box.

Bottom line?  You get more users.

The ultimate conclusion was that GFC was much easier to manage, but FC would have a better reward in the near-term.

Now that risk reward scenario has been completely shot to bits in light of this news from Disqus today:

This holiday season, Disqus will enable all websites with Disqus-powered comments to easily integrate with Facebook Connect.

Wait a tick… What does that mean?

  • Commenters can login using their Facebook profiles
  • Comments post to the Facebook news feed

They say that the feature isn’t completely live, but by the end of the holidays, “everyone will be able to have Facebook Connect integrated with Disqus.”


This will, in turn, mean that every comment on a Disqus powered blog has the capability of being a viral marketing agent not just on FriendFeed now, but Facebook as well. Since many many more people use Facebook than FriendFeed, this has the opportunity to be an incredible selling-point for Disqus.

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