failwhaleTwitter put out a post yesterday evening on the corporate blog clarifying the message that seems to have propagated across the eager-beaver blogosphere this weekend.

Everyone was hot to trot on the apparent move by Google Friend Connect to align with Twitter, and how that both signalled a war-like move against Facebook by Google and a slap in the face by Twitter against MySpace.

Without going too far into the dramatic backstory (most of which you likely already know), Facebook and Google both came out with ID systems that are exportable out to third party websites on the same day (Facebook’s is Facebook Connect). Twitter, about six months ago or so announced that they’d be integrating with the as of yet debuted MySpace ID system.

That should bring you up to speed – Twitter this evening, they clarified that the relationship they’re in with Google is anything but exclusive, and the plans to move forward with MySpace and Facebook are very much still in the works.

Notwithstanding the fact that plans change from day to day over there at Twitter, I think it dramatically de-emphasizes the media narrative that there’s a heated up war between Facebook and Google today.  Most producers and content aggregators are still fence sitting until they can figure out which one is going to provide tangible benefits to their bottom line in terms of traffic.

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