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Unfortunately, given the amount of buzz going on around the tubes at the moment, I can’t publicly address or answer questions regarding the nature of my departure for my former position. None-the-less, at this point I don’t bear anyone any ill will, and still treasure the time I’ve spent blogging the last fifteen months or so.

It was a great opportunity, and a great learning experience to see what the media world looks like from atop a mountain instead of always being in the unseen trenches.

The questions I’ve seen that I can address and clear up is what’s on the horizon for me next (or at least I can attempt to clear that up).

What Am I Going to be Doing Next?

Dallas_Skyline_01 That’s a real good question. As many of you know, I’m in the midst of a move to Dallas that’s set to conclude the 27th of this month. As such, I’m very interested in what sort of opportunities I’m going to find there.

What’s even more interesting has been the flood of very cool and enticing offers that I’ve seen in just the last few days. This is a brand new experience for me – generally, I’m used to scraping and clawing for every consulting gig I can come across.  Now that word is spreading that I’m a free agent, I’m getting people actually trying to compete to employ my talents.

This, needless to say, is awesome, and contributes to my already over-sized ego.

Because I have a glut of opportunity now doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your proposal.  Email me with it <>. All reasonable offers will be considered (“Let’s cut a deal!”).

For other ways to contact me, just hit up the site. There’s a ton of contact links on it now.

This Site Looks Really Different, By The Way

Yeah, thanks for noticing. This whole thing is a custom coding job I’ve been slowly evolving for the last several months, with a bunch of major additions that I’ve been slipping into the background over the last two weeks in anticipation of this move (yeah, I sorta saw some writing on the wall).

video As many of you know (if you’ve been paying attention at all), I tried to launch a web series called “TENtech,” which was a great idea in theory. Problem was, it’s Christmas-time. People are busy. Out of the many contributors that I had signed on to help out, only a few of them ended up being able to contribute.

So as a result, I’m going back to the basics. My favorite thing to do over the last fifteen months was the interview podcast series. I’m going to do the same thing here.  I’m going to interview interesting people on camera, most likely via remote video, and display the raw feeds here on

On that note, if you’re a CEO or in the PR for a cool tech company and you have a webcam, drop me a line, and let’s get you on the show.  I have a ton of subscribers, and I’ve been told I’m pretty fun to talk to.

I don’t have the feeds set up yet, but if you’re subscribed to any of my past video feeds, you’ll likely be getting the show as it comes out.  If not, just check back here at the site, I’m sure the details will be prominently plastered everywhere.

Also, New Blogs: Social Networking and ROBOTS!

I’ve been regularly updating a blog that only a few people read, “Rizzn’s Robots” ( It’s something I’ve been interested in doing for a long time, and for some reason never got around to getting done.  I’ve found that the updates are easy to do and flow out of me quick, so I think the site will be sustainable from a passion perspective.

If you like robots at all (and if you don’t, what the hell is wrong with you?), I’d strongly suggest you subscribe to it, or at least scroll through what’s there.

I’ve also launched a new blog called “Rizzn’s Socnets” ( It’s essentially the sort of social media news I’ve been posting the last fifteen months, but here and not there. There aren’t a lot of bloggers that still religiously cover the podcasting and video beats like I do, so I wanted to keep a place where the neglected stories can get some coverage here.

As of last night, I’ve also signed some deals to have at least two new writers come and work for, and there’s word of me getting an intern as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to foster some community here at the site as well as making it a bit of a destination for the news in the style I like to convey.

So until someone else hires me into some sort of exclusive relationship to talk about those topics, I’ll be updating that feed here with whatever’s rumbling around in my head on the topic.

So Are You Signed With Another Outfit Yet?

No, not yet. I’m still fielding offers at the moment, and there are a number of enticing opportunities, but nothing has progressed far enough for me to say exactly where I’m going to land yet.

The Sappy Stuff

I’ve saved the sappy stuff for the end, because most of you are likely interested in the news of what I’m doing next and why I’m leaving and all that other mess.  Not to mention that for those of you interested in the personal angle, you hafta read through all my other self-promotion to get to this part.

All my former co-workers had an impact on my life, but I wanted to make special mention of the folks I had the closest contact with, the editorial team.

Pete Cashmore has been one of the most interesting folks to work for in my long history of having interesting bosses. He and I always had whirlwind conversations, and I’ve admired his insight and unique perspective on social media. Of all the bosses I’ve had, he’s been one of my favorites.

Adam Ostrow was a great Editor in Chief, and was cool to work w
ith this past year. He’s got a laid back style that made conflict resolution a breeze (because there’s always some sort of conflict to resolve). That didn’t prevent him from relentlessly executing, and his expectations of his staff caused me to strive to constantly improve. I like to think I succeeded at that.

Stan Schroeder was an awesome editor. He always has a penchant for going straight to the heart of the matter and saying in five words what I take five paragraphs to say. His insight and feedback was something I always valued.

Sean P. Aune was probably the guy on staff with whom I had the most contact, and someone I count as a friend first before I count him as a co-worker. He and I had a blast doing the video version of our podcast, but what was the most fun was commiserating over IM on whatever was the latest thing to vex we cranky bastards.

All the other writers and content producers who’ve worked directly for me over the last year also have been great additions to my life, most of which I also now count as friends and reliable business contacts. In no particular order (I hope I’m not forgetting anyone): Steven Hodson, Alana Taylor, Doriano “Paisano” Carta, Kristen Nicole, Art Lindsey III, and Saha.

As for all the PR people I’ve worked with over the last year – definitely keep me in your rolodex.  I’ve actually struck up rewarding friendships with a number of you, and I’ve enjoyed being kept constantly in the know by just opening my inbox.

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