logo_square_nowpublic NowPublic, one of my favorite crowd-sourced and crowd-aggregated news solutions, has put out a post that highlights the last year’s news by order of importance. There are certainly a lot of stories here that I and my Mashable co-workers covered, when they crossed over into Social Media and became process stories.

1. Mumbai Attacks

2. Natural disasters: Sharing Emergency Information

3. Olympic Torch Relay Protests in San Francisco

4. Obama and “Bittergate”

5. Republican Convention Protests Change Tack

6. Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information in Africa

7. CNN’s News Wire Plans

8. Mob Rule: Mark Zuckerberg’s SXSW Interview

9. Twitter Gets US Student Out of Egyptian Jail

10. False Report About Steve Jobs Heart Attack

I spoke to CMO Mike Tippett last year on the old podcast, and hopefully I’ll get to chat with him or CEO Leonard Brody later this week. These year end chats are always fun since we get to cover the most interesting topics of the previous year.

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