openid-logo A particularly topical event is coming up, considering how much ado is being made over the MySpace, Facebook and Google ID systems right now; The OpenID Foundation is having an election of their “community board members,” according to John McCrea:

The OpenID Foundation is having its first-ever election of “community board members”. Seven seats are up for grabs, and there is an impressive slate of 17 candidates in the running. Voting closes on December 24, so if you want the Open Stack to win in 2009, you might consider joining the OpenID Foundation (cost $25) so that you can help determine its governance by casting your vote.

By joining as a foundation member, you can cast up to seven votes, and according to McCrea, there are a lot of “really qualified candidates.”

For me, I know this thing really isn’t my bag.  I love listening to Chris Saad and John McCrea talk about it because they’re really passionate about the idea – but for me personally, it’s hard for me to get riled up about a login box.

Still, this is the most multi-lateral organization, and given how the space is really heating up with three semi-walled gardens grabbing up real estate, now’s the time to get interested in it.

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