stoogew One of the benefits of starting over here at my personal site and re-building my audience up from zero is that I can shorthand a lot of stuff. You guys know me, and you know my opinions on almost everything, from my politics to my opinions on sponsored posts to my takes on all the different social media sites. 

You’ve been following me for a long time, and I don’t hafta go into laborious detail on everything like I sometimes had to do on my longer posts where I used to work.

Take for instance this little tidbit I just picked up from the LA Times Technology blog:

Hunter Walk reports that 62 of the top 100 most viewed videos on popular video-sharing site YouTube today involve our President and his Sole Mate, the shoe-hurling Iraqi journalist Muntather Zaidi.

So basically, I don’t hafta go into great detail on how dumb I think it is that after the greatest Democratic Party victory in my lifetime, all these people are still stuck in Bush Derangement Syndrome and feel the need to put out even more Bush-bashing material.

I don’t hafta say that some of it is alright, and funny, but most of it is the same stuff that was annoying the crap out of me for the last eight years.

I don’t hafta re-iterate how much of a fan I’m not of President Bush.  I probably don’t even need to go into exactly how members of the Bush cabinet screwed me on a business deal back in the 90s.

You guys know me, so all I hafta say is: “Bush ducked a shoe.  It was sorta funny and sorta poignant.  Can we move on?”

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