phn-logo If you want proof that advertising on podcasts works, you need look no further than this particular story. Pixel Heads Network isn’t one of the most well known podcast networks – it doesn’t have a flashy Internet-celebrity like Kevin Rose in it’s founders list. 

It does, however, have a lot of well known and highly downloaded podcasts in it’s arsenal of shows: Mac 411, Meet the Experts, Digital Media Quick Tips amongst others.

In a long narrative detailing the history of Pixel Heads, founder Marcelo Lewin discloses that the entire network has been sold to ProMAX Systems, a former sponsor of the network, for an undisclosed sum. Marcelo will continue on at ProMAX with the title of Director of Interactive Media.

I was very impressed [with ProMAX Systems] and decided that I should approach them after the seminar to see if they were interested in being a sponsor. As the night progressed and the panel was done speaking, one of the guys from ProMAX approached me and said they were interested in perhaps sponsoring some of our shows.

As he and I continued speaking, we both started to realize there was something more to this then just a sponsorship deal. We decided to hook up later on that week to talk about Pixel Heads Network and ProMAX and how we could work closer together, since both of our customers are really the same, digital media creators.

promax-building So, as they say, the rest is history. The deal was signed and closed on December 16, 2008 and I am now happy to be part of the ProMAX family.

ProMAX Systems is a solutions provider for the areas of video editing, audio, and digital storage located in Irvine, California. It isn’t the type of exit that will garner the same sort of attention as, say, CBS buying CNet.  It is an exit, though, and one that is perhaps even more meaningful of a guidepost for New Media watchers.

In addition to ProMAX and their realization of the effectiveness of podcast and video advertising to targeted media consumers, it shows a degree of savvy the company is taking in the programs post-acquisition:

Pixel Heads Network will continue to be completely independent editorially. Yes, we are owned by and I’m an employee of ProMAX, however; we will never be driven to produce shows or cover topics or interview certain people only because ProMAX carries their products. This is a promise both from myself and from Jess Hartmann, the CEO of ProMAX. He believes deeply, as I do, in keeping the editorial content from Pixel Heads Network completely separate from the products and services ProMAX offers.

Congratulations to Marcello and his team. As for the rest of us – it’s a reminder that savvy purchases can still be made in a down market if they’re proven to increase the bottom line, and this is one such example.

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