splittweet Do you, somehow, have a job that entails 24/7 monitoring of your multiple Twitter accounts? Perhaps you’re an (*ahem*) out of work, Web 2.0 savvy chatterbox? Maybe you do intensive social media brand monitoring for your clients?

If so, you’re probably interested in the best way to keep an eye on what’s being said about your brand (or alternatively, topics you’re interested in) on Twitter. 

Your solution is SplitTweet. This service has been online since the end of November but it’s been slowly gaining steam amongst the heavily Twitter-addicted.

replies-and-brand-monitoring I took a look at it, and it definitely lives up to it’s promises (a whole lot better, in my opinion, than PeopleBrowser for nearly the same purpose), and it beats going the Zappos route and begging Twitter for an always on live-feed.

For what I do, it’s a better proposition to simply monitor your desired keywords with search.twitter.com, sticking the RSS feeds in your favorite reader, and keeping an eye on them there.  It isn’t always the quickest solution (since there’s usually a 15 minute delay at least in Google Reader), so for those that require real time results, that won’t do.

Worth checking out, if you’re in the business of constant brand-watching.

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