i_Sobot_1-750 We’re really entering an age of robotics now where the idea of having affordable, interesting and useful robotics in our everyday lives is a reality. Case in point? The Omnibot 17μ i-SOBOT.

This thing won the Japanese Robot Award, a prize from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on Thursday.

The i-SOBOT is, according to Crunchgear, “the world’s smallest humanoid that’s aimed at a mass market.”

You can get it just about everywhere here in America (Toys’R Us lists it for $299 right now), and as you can see from the video below, it performs an amazing array of maneuvers (including shooting a bow and arrow).

This goes on my want list right next to the Spykee and the Roveo. All of these bots are capable of amazing tasks, and all of them can be hacked to do some pretty useful things.  Whenever this blog gets a budget (or failing that, some demo units), I’ll be absent for at least a week or two while I orchestrate some sort of proof of concept on the robot army I intend to use to take over the world with.

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