2117169098_94f9949227 Feedburner made their final post to their “Burning Questions” company blog today, and announced that all further updates will be made to the “Adsense for Feeds” blog. This signals an end of an era for FeedBurner, as they stop working as much on improved RSS functionality, and more on monetizing RSS feeds.

It’s also a bit ironic that this comes on the heels of discussion about the obsolescence of RSS as a technology, as it’s no longer “now” enough. A couple of days ago, Robert Scoble posted on the topic as he once again evangelized Twitter and FriendFeed as the real-time web and bemoaned how out of touch he’d be if he relied on RSS for the mainstay of his news delivery.

It’s also worthy of note that they’re just, as of recent, getting around to properly monetizing RSS feeds at Google as the technology is decades old in Internet years.

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