paris-or-die FunnyOrDie, the comedy niche streaming video website that was made popular by Will Ferrell’s video “The Landlord,” and then made relevant again by Paris Hilton’s political commentary, has been reported on Reuter’s wire to have raised another $3 Million.

The funding round is their Series B, and comes from an “undisclosed investor,” and brings their total funding amount up to $18 million.

Neither Sequoia Capital, the leader of the $15 million Series A round, nor FunnyOrDie are making comments right now, so speculation as to what this $3 million actually is is running rampant.  Some reports are even saying that the $3M represents the 10% stake sold to HBO over the summer.

I’m sure we’ll hear more clarification in about six months – FunnyOrDie has a pretty consistent history of letting news leak and then finally clearing up the confusion about a half a year later.

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