showtimelogo My old boss Adam noted today that Showtime is putting online full-length episodes on their website Join Showtime:

“…featuring full-length episodes and bonus footage from its shows, community features, and a “personality quiz” to determine which of its series you might enjoy.”

The show selection is pretty much the same as what’s available on the main Showtime site, most of which is also available on Netflix’s streaming selection, incidentally. It does add a fair amount of social features not presently available there, though, which for extreme fans of the shows could be fun.

If you’re more of an HBO person, like me, you may enjoy that HBO’s shows are now showing up more places online.  Joost announced earlier today that HBO is offering sneak peeks of the second season of Flight of the Conchords on the video streaming service.

If we can just get Adult Swim to sign on with the idea of offering their content online somewhere, I might can just cancel my cable connection entirely.

Here’s hoping.

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