I thought after mentioning hostdime’s great dedicated server promotion here: Free Dedicated Servers From Hostdime, I should throw a quick review since I am a customer there 🙂

Hostdime has been there since 2002, not so much companies are that experienced, and that gices great trust, with locatins and DC in 5 counties, so its a REAL company. I have used around 3 Dedicated Servers from Hostdime (Owned and Adminstrated) other than the shared accounts I had on some of their servers.

I will talk here about thier Dedicated Servers, they have great deals ofcourse as thier latest offer here mentions, but I will talk about the service and support.

Installation Time: Actually they are real fast, I got my server installed and running in 24 hours after it was approved, so I will have they are good at this point.

Support: The support is available 24/7 hands-on, meaning they will work on your server instead of  just telling you do that or this. Management which is related to support, their servers are fully managed, and they truly mean it, I always got the help I needed, not instantly but quite fast though.

Uptime: The uptime is not perfect, but for the average user its more than satisfactory if you can space a couple of minutes each month 😀

Security: They run periodic security audits on servers and report back to the owners and can fix the vulnerabilities upon your request. There are some words going around that hostdime is insecure and stuff like that, I cant comment on that, but I never experienced such a thing unless when a user hosted on my servers had a very insecure script running.

Prices: A Fully Managed 2xQuad Core Xeon for a 400$ is a good deal, not the cheapest but definitly a great one.

Over All I do recommend hostdime for your dedicated servers.

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