Aaron Novak and Mark Rizzn Hopkins in Austin BlogTV, another of the many companies competing in the live streaming web video space with the likes of Mogulus, UStream and Stickam, has had a change of management.  CEO Guy Eliav has moved on from the company after having worked at the parent company Tapuz Group for nine years, according to a report from Liz Gannes over at NewTeeVee.

If you read Hebrew, you can find Eliav’s farewell blog post here, which is a retrospective on his time at Tapuz Group, a gig that extended far past the originally planned three months.

He cites his move to work as CEO of Israeli TV web portal nana10 as simply the “right thing for me.”

CEO regime changes at live video startups are not uncommon.  Valleywag has chronicled the many CEOs at UStream. Similarly, when I was at SummerMash Blog Tvin Austin this year, in speaking with Aaron Novak, running things over at Stickam was no picnic either, though being owned outright and highly funded, they have a bit more degree of stability.

At any rate, while the spin NewTeeVee puts on the story, it makes it sound a lot like it’s related to economic pressures, but the impression I get from what I’m reading is that it was more about a change of scenery after a long stint at the same company.

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