They actually has a good one, so I wanted to share it ūüôā Never tried them tho. But, I looked on some reviews on other websites and they tend to be positive, so good luck ūüôā
Here it goes:

**High Performance Servers
**Cutting Edge Technology

**Fast/Reliable Support
**White Label IP’s
**A host you KNOW and trust

KnownHost¬†is proud to announce their new promotion¬†KHXMAS¬†which gets you [b]50% off your first¬†TWO months of hosting¬†followed by a¬†10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT¬†on our VPS L plan and above. We make it easy and inexpensive for you to get started today! These discounts also apply to control panels, memory upgrades, billing systems, IP’s, etc which are placed with your original order. This special is being held for a limited time only and will expire on December 31st 2008 so please get one while they’re hot.
**Please note, This promotion is NOT valid on our VPS M plan and is for monthly subscriptions only. Our billing system will accept the coupon with quarterly/annual payments but our sales team will delete all quarterly/annual orders placed with the coupon so please do not use it.

All VPS packages KnownHost offers are based on Virtuozzo 4.0 and backed by Premium Bandwidth such as Internap & Level 3 in the Texas Datacenter and in the California Datacenter backed by Qwest, Sprint, Level 3, Global Crossing, Savvis, PCCW, Tiscali and Teleglobe.

To receive the current promotion please use the coupon code KHXMAS when placing your order.

Why choose KnownHost?

  • Founders have over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry
  • Ranked #1¬†by Hyperspin with a current¬†99.993% uptime¬†with¬†100+ servers¬†–
  • Web Host Magazine Editors’ Choice Award Winner for VPS Hosting
  • Named one of the “Top 10” fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry for 2007
  • Free full migration assistance (with the same control panel)
  • Always improving our services based on customers feedback
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • We OWN all our hardware and equipment **Powerful Custom Built Servers, RAID 10 for Redundancy, 8-16 of Fully Buffered RAM.
  • A la carte RAM, Bandwidth and Disk Space upgrades
  • Realistic package specifications¬†vs¬†price

All VPS’s include the following:

  • Virtuozzo Technology
  • Virtuozzo Powerpanel
  • Unlimited domains on all control panel options
  • FREE Setup
  • 24/7 FULLY MANAGED support by seasoned professionals –¬†
  • Full Root Access
  • Control panel options (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, and Webmin) *
  • CentOS 5x OS
  • External Server Backup‚Äôs
  • Equal share CPU
  • Easy upgrade options on the fly

*cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk have additional fees on top of the monthly prices below. Pricing can be found here:

New to the VPS market? We have tons of customers who switch to us from shared/reseller hosting so we give you all the information you need to get your VPS up and running.

Worried about security? We will optimize your VPS and install APF firewall upon request.

VPS M – $20/mo
125 GB Premium Bandwidth (250 GB BW in Ca)
128 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 512 MB
7 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2

VPS L Р$30/mo **With promo $15 for the 1st & 2nd month, $25.50 for Life**
200 GB Premium Bandwidth (400 GB BW in Ca)
256 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 768 MB
10 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2

VPS XL Р$40/mo **With promo $20 for the 1st & 2nd month, $34.00 for Life**
275 GB Premium Bandwidth (550 GB BW in Ca)
320 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 1 GB
20 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2

VPS XXL Р$60/mo **With promo $30 for the 1st & 2nd month, $51.00 for Life**
325 GB Premium Bandwidth (650 GB BW in Ca)
448 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 1.5 GB
25 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2

VPS Triple X Р$75/mo **With promo $37.50 for the 1st & 2nd month, $63.75 for Life**
375 GB Premium Bandwidth (750 GB BW in Ca)
512 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 2.0 GB
30 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2


KnownHost recently launched Hybrid Servers which combine Enterprise Class Hardware with a virtualization layer (Virtuozzo) on top of the host operating system.

For a limited time get 50% off your first month and 25% off your second month of hosting on any Hybrid Server. Please use the coupon code KHhybrid when placing your order.
**Please note, This promotion is for monthly subscriptions only.

HY-Eco – $110/mo
500 GB Premium Bandwidth (1000 GB BW in Ca)
768 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 2.5 GB
50 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2

HY-Pro – $135/mo
750 GB Premium Bandwidth (1250 GB BW in Ca)
1 GB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 4.0 GB
65 GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP: 2

Texas Datacenter

Test IP:
Test File:

California Datacenter

Test IP:
Test File:

Available upgrade options:

  • 10 GB Bandwidth = $7.00/mo
  • 25 GB Bandwidth = $17.50/mo
  • 50 GB Bandwidth = $32.50/mo
  • 100 GB Bandwidth = $60.00/mo
  • 64 MB RAM = $5.00/mo
  • 128 MB RAM = $7.50/mo
  • 256 MB RAM = $12.50/mo
  • 384 MB RAM = $17.50/mo
  • 1 GB Disk Space = $2.00/mo
  • 3 GB Disk Space = $6.00/mo
  • 10 GB Disk Space = $15.00/mo
  • Additional IP‚Äôs = $.75/mo
  • Plesk Powerpack = $2/mo
  • Fantastico = $1/mo
  • Rvskin = $2/mo
  • Clientexec = $5/mo
  • WHMCS = $5/mo

For additional information, or to view our additional products and services, please visit; chat live with a sales rep or email us anytime at

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