image Mashable’s brand spanking new Associate Editor Jennifer Van Grove on Tuesday declared iPhoto to be awesome and Google’s Picasa to officially suck eggs.

If this was based on something that made sense I’d just let it slide, but she lists the following features as the ingredients of the new killer app:

Face Detection, Face Recognition, and Places – tagging faces, names, and places in iPhoto for online sharing turns into an almost completely automated process … slideshow themes, smart albums, the ability to auto-create titles, transitions, and credits, and even a Places feature for animated travel maps that uses GPS geotagging.

Given that Picasa has had almost all of these features for months now, though, I wouldn’t call that exactly groundbreaking or anything.

Here are two things that are groundbreaking: Picasa just came out for Mac, and Picasa continues to be free. iPhoto still costs money.

Which one is better, now?

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