imageI’ve been following most of the CES coverage on G4 this year – maybe I’m getting older and lazier, but the ambient noise of cool gadgets being demoed in the background while I surf is easier for me than reading the writeup of each individual gadget as they hit the feeds.

There isn’t much in the way of commercial interruption on G4 at the moment (aside from the frequent repeats of the ShamWow commercial), but one of the few regular ads they keep playing is this one from a company I’ve never heard of called

It’s a clever ad, and I was curious if it was for something new from Siri or a new re-branding for

I did a quick scan through my feeds to see if someone had written it up while my Internet connection was down. Turns out, the only thing that popped up for the company was when PEhub covered their impressively large $250 million IPO back in May.

The actual implementation is a little less impressive than the commercial would have you believe.  It seems to be a little like the Wikia idea being implemented by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales – a Wiki-based search engine.

In addition to the search results, which are on par with what you’d expect from a usable search engine these days, they also offer an iPhone/Blackberry app and an SMS gateway for search results.

Not nearly as exciting as I’d hoped, but I suppose the campaign worked to a certain extent.  I’m here writing up a post about them, and I’m not as irritated by it as I was by Cuil.

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