imageThose of us who have been producing video content for a while now know the problem of coming up with accurate metrics for not only our own edification but for the purposes of turning around and selling those metrics to sponsors and advertisers.  Neilson has been an Old Media institution that from very early on in the podcasting revolution has been interested in making sure they not only had a handle on all this new technology, but strove to find more accurate ways to measure a complete audience, no matter how the media is being consumed.

Andy Plesser, over at Beet.TV, sat down with Jon Gibs (the VP of Media analytics over at Nielson) to discuss a new method of tracking viewership of online video through the use of audio signature files (video of the interview below).

It basically comes down to this: the same file may be on YouTube, Hulu, or any other number of sites where the file can pirated, copied or otherwise syndicated may not be counted for the totals, particularly if the syndication was done by a ‘fan’ and not the content originator.

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