image I just caught a post by TalkShoe CEO Dave Nelson to utilize their technology in a particularly interesting way that could end up pushing an odd couple into the limelight.

The way its proposed to work, should you (and your friend) be the two selected, is this: any time you’d normally call up your friend to chat, you instead both call into a designated TalkShoe conference room which is then broadcast live and recorded to the podcast feed.

Dave provides more details:

Think about it: if it’s REAL talk, it will be ‘real’ INTERESTING! We all want to learn more about ourselves by learning more about others. And there are so few ways to get true insight into other people these days… other than this one. For those of you born after 1950 (and who wasn’t), there once was something called a party line — not for actual parties but for affordable shared telephone service in rural areas… and great for eavesdropping on your neighbors. Alas, since your grandparents’ time, that’s been lost to the world. Until now; until you!

image It’s an interesting take, and has been the basis for several podcast ideas I’ve had over the years. In the early part of this decade, I had a radio show that ran for several years called The Mark and Darrell Show (it ran the longest on RantRadio), that was based mostly on the interesting and wacky conversations I had on a daily basis with my good friend.

It’s a format for a duo with good chemistry will definitely work as a show, and it’s a great exhibition of the technology at TalkShoe, utilizing the ad hoc streaming capability.

Up to five pairs will be selected, and all applications should email Dave directly.

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