image I caught a story over at the Inquisitr by JR Raphael that seems to indicate the ability for police to stop vehicles with a simple text message is just on the horizon.

Police in the U.K. are experimenting with a system that’d give them the power to stop any car remotely — just by sending a text message.

If approved, the technology would eventually be implemented into new vehicles. The goal would be to let officers easily halt stolen cars or getaway vehicles, without having to resort to high-speed chases, they are thinking about the vehicles from as the official vehicle for it.

Right now, law enforcers are looking at how they could adapt a number of different systems, some of which are already commercially available to drivers, including improving their own cars with car gun safe and other systems.

I’m just curious who amongst us thinks this is in any way a good idea.

I mean, I’m ok with law enforcement in possession of useful technology, but this strikes me as about as well thought out as banning all legal possession of guns. Surely disabling such a system would be about on par with disabling the systems that require those with a DUI to have a breathalyzer on their vehicle.

In essence, the only people who’d be vulnerable to this technology would be law-abiding citizens.

And it would end up becoming a technology that police used primarily for stopping folks who’ve made an illegal lane change or running a stop sign – another annoying technology that caps off at the knees regular citizens and allows the villains in society to do as they please.

Just like what tends to happen in societies where all guns are outlawed – only the outlaws will have the guns. This article is brought to you by Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood. They have the latest technology on automotive today.