image Finally, I can post about ReadBurner again and actually not hafta worry about a conflict of interest.

As you may have noticed, the ReadBurner widget has been missing from this site for a little over a month now.  It’s a shame, because I like the widget.  It’s a great way to flaunt my content at the site, here, because my posts generally do well by the ReadBurner metric and I’ve always been a fan of the site (even before Adam bought it).

None the less, the widget has been missing because of stability and load time problems. Adam Ostrow put out a post today acknowledging the problem and announcing a solution:

Essentially, the problem boils down to our ability to parse thousands of shared feeds in a timely manner, and right now, it’s not happening, derailing not only our site, but the widgets, chiclets, and feeds that bloggers and readers like to use.  

Today, we’ve decided to temporarily take ReadBurner offline to work on addressing these issues.  The good news is that we have two new developers – Mike and Jason – working to significantly improve ReadBurner.

I’m glad to hear that work is underway to bring it back.  It’d be a shame to see ReadBurner disappear.

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