I can definitely relate to the need for boasting whenever you have a whole bunch of new kit to show off to all your other geeky friends, particularly when they’re the parts for a new robot you’re building.

[spoiler alert: I’ll probably be doing that soon]

One of the sites I follow pretty regularly for my robotics news is the company blog for Trossen Robotics. They’re a shop that sells robot kits, parts and a few bots that are put together.

Today, though, on their blog they’re a little proud and a little worried about an upcoming project, the parts for which are pictured above:

Luckily, Sarah Conner hasn’t showed up yet … [b]ut we’re preparing for when she shows up to blow us away, because this might very well be the start of Skynet.

Well, at least nobody can accuse us of under-engineering. Yup, that’s a pyramid of RX-64s. This is a teaser photo of a new project brewing in the Trossen Robotics Lab for the upcoming Mech Warfarecompetition. A fully custom aluminum frame and bracket system is being machined courtesy of Big Blue Saw, our sponsor on the project. Did we mention we’re giving it weapons? /snicker

Good stuff.

Do. Want.

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