Talking head video podcasts are coming to an end one by one. I haven’t watched WallStrip regularly in ages, but a good friend of mine informed me today that it was no longer in active production. Of course, a number of podcasts were cancelled at superstar network Revision3, something I reported on a few times as well.

imageAnother one joins the cadre of cancellations: WebbAlert.

The show was a very professional daily take on the news, a bit like TechMeme, one day later, and if it were a video show. The show experienced some meteoric explosion early on, but later either staled or slipped in viewership, depending on which numbers you believe.

Most folks attribute the slippage to the fact that it’s target demographic was most likely already aware of what was being talked about on the show for over 24 hours by the time the show was talking about it.

In reports by Inquisitr and CenterNetworks, the slippage nor the economy is responsible for the cutback, according to Morgan Webb, but due to the fact that her gig at G4 is growing to fill more available time and is crowding out her ability to pursue the web show.

“I finally decided that I need to make a little time for other opportunities, as well as make a little time for life itself,” said Morgan in a posting to her website. “Thanks for understanding and I hope to bring you a number of new projects in the future!”

I’ve got some more thoughts on putting together a new show that really deserves it’s own post, rather than tacking it onto the analysis here, but the gist of it is that to really have great video coverage of tech, you need a full image team, and you need good funding.

I’ve made quite a few attempts at it, both at Mashable and here on my own at I think the one outfit that’s doing the best now is not Rev3 or any other major A-List blogger, but Leo Laporte and his TWiT project. It’s not exactly what I envision it oughta be, but it’s darn close. They’ve got a great deal of daily content being generated and for a fraction of the cost that it takes to create traditional TV content. What’s more, it gets the job done in terms of informing and entertaining it’s target demographic about many important aspects of technology.

I believe that if you combine that with a news desk of sorts and dress up the video output with slates and news crawls, you’ve got not only a real threat to the likes of G4 (the only real competitor to a tech network like TWiT), but something that might be deserving of the moniker “the CNN of tech.”

Regardless, I don’t see this as Morgan’s last foray into web video.  Nearly every other refugee from the TechTV days has gone on to make something well known in the world of web video. Judging from the fact that the ShamWow and KGB seem to be G4’s only advertisers, and that there are about four shows on the whole channel, it won’t be much longer before Morgan Webb is back into doing something new on the web.

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