image I caught a quick guest post from over at Louis Gray’s blog by Matt Dickman that explicitly says that now is the time for their competitors (or maybe the torch-wielding mob of their users) to rise up and kill the beast.

The big two factors that lead Dickman to this conclusion?  That Google Friend Connect sorta sucks, and that everyone is mad about Feedburner.

I don’t really have a long opinion on this, except to say that I don’t really see this as anyone’s big opportunity.  Certainly, there’s an opportunity for someone to try to carve out a piece of Feedburner’s impressive monopoly for their own in a competing feed management system.  There is definitely an opportunity for Facebook to trounce Google in the “friend connect” business (mostly, I think, because Google continues to ignore lifestreaming in a meaningful way).

None-the-less, the only thing that makes Google real money is search and advertising. By most counts, they’ve got 90% of the search marketing world sewn up.

I don’t think now’s a particularly opportune time to kill Google.

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