image Ionut of Google Operating System shared the following message from the Google Reader discussion group today regarding the “Trends” statistics section of Google Reader:

This is not a useful feature, how can it be disabled so my personal
reading information is not tracked?  This is not valuable information
to me.

Where do I send a blood sample?
Where do I go to get my subdermal microchip?

Guys, if you’re going to stick a camera up my backside and track what
I do, please at least do me the service of keeping it to yourself.

It’s like coming home and seeing a note on my door with the times and
locations of where I’ve been.  Not cool.

Interesting perspective.

Yes, I've cut my reading list in half.

I get the feeling that we may see more of this as Google Reader morphs out of “tool for the blogging set” into “tool for the masses.”

In other words – most people who aren’t bloggers aren’t as obsessed with their own reading habits.

Do you think we’ll be seeing more of this soon, or do you think this person is just simply out of step with a world of Tweets, MySpace bulletins and Facebook status updates that stay on the collective memory forever?

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