image FriendFeed has done some work that rolled out today on their search functionality. Prior to the work they’ve done, FriendFeed’s search functionality has already proven to be a useful service for me, almost as powerful as Google’s search, but able to really dig into what conversations and news items that are capturing attention at the moment.


With the new search functions, you’re able to get a bit closer to Google like functionality with search queries like:

  • Search for words only in entry titles or in comments
    [intitle:superbowl] – entries that mention “Superbowl” in the title
  • Search for only entries that were liked or commented on by specific friends
    [like:bret football] – entries about football that Bret has liked
  • Search for entries with a minimum number of likes or comments
    [comments:5 friendfeed] – entries that mention FriendFeed with at least 5 comments
  • Exclude terms from your search
    [jobs -steve] – entries about the job market, not the CEO of Apple

Despite the fact that I think it’s a cool idea, we all know Scoble’s just about settled back in from his Davos trip, so we can expect the gushing about the power of the live-web in 3 … 2 … 1.

Update: Too late, apparently.

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