TED is a bit pricey (and exclusive). The “mere civilian” version of TED, at least in my mind, has been Chris Pirillo’s Gnomedex. Another competitor has risen to directly compete with TED, this one named BIL.

This is the conference’s second year, but it was just brought to my attention by the folks over at Revision3, by virtue of the fact that they’re streaming from the conference.

According to the info they sent over, they describe “BIL as an open, self-organizing, emergent arts, science, society and technology conference for people changing the world in big ways. It is a place for passionate people to come together to energize, brainstorm and take action.”

“If you don’t get invited to the super-exclusive and expensive TED conference, you’ll have to spend a kilobuck to see the live stream – otherwise you’ll have to wait weeks and months to see what happened,” said Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3. “Since BIL is the everyman’s TED, it made perfect sense for Revision3 and our friends at BitGravity to bring it to everyone around the world, free of charge and live while it happens.”

Update: The /bil site at Rev3 doesn’t appear to be online yet.  I’ve got a ping in to see if it’s due to be online sooner than February 7th (when BIL starts).  If not, keep an eye out for a tweet from me and I’ll remind everyone when the site comes online.

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