riztourageThe question Netflix is asking us paying subscribers today is whether or not we’d spring an extra tenspot to have access to HBO on our streaming service.

I’m inclined to say no, simply because I can get it in slightly better quality on my current IPTV solution (AT&T Uverse), but it’s a slightly tempting offer, to be sure.

It’s simple.  I am just in love with Entourage as a series, and for a few years watched it religously.  It started when I lived in a location that had free access to HBO.  When I moved to a place that no longer had HBO, I found myself downloading new episodes from BitTorrent (until I got popped by my ISP for doing that).

image Then, during one of those long inter-season breaks they like to take on HBO (that was made even longer by the WGA strike), I fell out of the habit of watching it. And a funny thing happened: I didn’t die and the Earth kept on spinnin’.

It comes down to this: there is already far too much quality programming on TV for me to reasonably watch – and this problem only gets worse when you have any sort of well organized on-demand service.

I’ll wait for DVD, is the bottom line. I don’t need to spend another $10 a month for more excellent content. The enjoyment I get from watching an episode of Entourage is on par with the enjoyment I get from watching Chuck, Stargate Atlantis or Battlestar Galactica or even any other number of Internet programs in production or development.  I’m all for production companies like HBO figuring out a model that works for them in the new economy of Internet distribution, but I don’t think their limited scope of programming is worth the cost, yet.

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