imageAccording to this particular site, my website is worth a whopping $78,671 (any takers?).

I’ve seen a number of these sites out there, ones that try to quantify a number of factors about your site into a dollar amount so that you can presumably go about selling it. While it’s always sort of a cool ego-stroke to see your site worth more money than you probably make in a year, it’s not generally that useful.

Realistically, you hafta be able to find someone who can turn that site into cash for their intended purposes, whether it be using your raw traffic to funnel attention to their existing niche or actually take your audience and move your community into their own.

Stimator does appear to do some actual calculations to come up with the number it dishes out, basing it on factors it terms “base value, web recognition, popularity, web volume, linking data, inlinking scores, and social score.”

To give a basis of comparison to how it came up with the value of my domain, here are some other sites you might frequent for context.

  • – $1,156,988,215
  • – $9,040,876
  • – $3,545,451
  • – $3,048,425
  • – $1,488,918
  • – $92,537
  • – $91,451

Interesting stuff. 

Query: for those who’ve ever sold a domain, did your sale price even begin to approach the valuation listed at one of these types of sites?

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