imageEveryone in the blogosphere is fascinated with memetrackers.  It’s one of the many ways we bloggers and online journalists use to quantify our worth and success in what we do.

Of course, the most successful memetrackers have tended to be closed sites like Blogrunner and Techmeme, and all the sister sites associated with that. It’s this that makes such an intriguing company to watch, and something that most bloggers would absolutely love to either try out or take a run at implementing it into their workflow.

That’s why it’s not surprising that OneSpot has taken a $4.2 million series A from Silver Creek Ventures (as well as Mike Maples and Pat Horner).

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The money is going to further develop the product and give them a runway towards profitability and growth, but the event served as a great launchpad for discussion last week when Matt Cohen was gracious enough to sit down and talk with me about link journalism, memetracking and the ideas of content creation versus content curation.

Matt and I had some great conversational threads in the interview (so much so, that we put off the actual discussion of the cash infusion until the end of the show). I could go through and catalog the discussion, but I’d rather you watch it with the thought in mind that Matt’s discussion on the aim of what he calls a “Pandora for content” has caused me to reconsider the long term plans for this site, with less of an emphasis on more writers and an additional emphasis on using his aggregation service to augment my own content creation.

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