image MG Siegler posted yesterday ago over at ParisLemon on a new offering from Starbucks – $1 coffee.

MG’s for it.  I’m not.

I admit that I drink Starbucks – not regularly, but often enough to be considered a frequent customer. At this point, it’s mostly because various members of my family keep buying me gift cards than out of any sort of loyalty to the company.

I’m in it for the caffeine and the convenience, not for the taste.  When I’m in a hurry and need that extra boost, I’ll stop by a Starbucks and grab a tall one.

This $1 coffee they’re offering?  Not in store.

Starbucks, home of the $4 latte, has introduced a new product to keep cash-strapped consumers sipping its brew.

The coffee chain said Tuesday that it would soon start offering image instant coffee for less than a buck a cup.

But don’t expect any barrista to serve you up a brew because you’ll have to mix the beverage yourself.

The instant coffee packages are intended for customers to buy at the store and then make at home or the office.

If I’m going to make my own coffee, it’s because I have the three or four minutes required to brew my own mixture to my own taste. Coffee is amazingly cheap and easy to make as it is.  I don’t need a $1 premium per cup charge for my addiction pick-me-up.

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