As if the standard chicken-in-every-pot deal of 50 mbps Internet access to every doorstep wasn’t reason enough to envy South Korea, here’s one more…

image That’s right – a robot theme park.

The South Korean government is ready to plunk down $1 billion on the project, too:

A theme park called Robot Land will be built in Incheon and Masan, the first of its kind. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy said Thursday it would set up the park in the two cities by 2014.

The park, designed to bolster the country’s robotics industry, will house play equipment, experience zones, exhibition halls, a stadium, research and education centers, and corporate facilities.

Great stuff. I’ve got my Korean to English reference book and I’m packing up my family.  We’re moving.

[Crunchgear via Chosunilbo]

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