image It’s been a busy day today.  A busy week, really.  Still, I found time to surf FriendFeed today, and I came across a thread from Chris Pirillo, where he asks the question:

“Okay, after all the DM spam, I finally looked at Twine. Verdict: WTF?! I don’t get it – at all.”

Many of the commentors on his thread were similarly confused:

I never got into Twine either. I twittered about that once, & someone at Twine replied, asking me for input. I don’t have any input, I just don’t get why I’d use it! – joshua m. neff

Twine seems to be a solution looking for a problem.. haven’t found out why I’d use it yet – Sean Reiser

It’s a difficult product to pin down for me, and I’ve even had the product demoed to me by Nova Spivak himself.

Of course, Twine is a hard sell for me – not because the product isn’t useful – but because I’m not a huge fan of bookmarking services. I just can’t seem to get them funneled into my daily workflow. I tend to deal more easily with streams of information, and if I think it’s noteworthy, I write about it rather than bookmark it.

To that end, I think that might be the perspective a lot of the FriendFeeders might be coming from, here. It is a bookmarking service in its essence, as well as a way to create and consume streams of information.

It’s particularly useful when you are interested in very niche subjects. You know those PR tools that I talk about occasionally like Filtrbox? They’re great for monitoring a brand or a specific company. When you want to monitor a particular topic or domain of interest, your best bet is to set up some Google alerts. Twine is like that, but for domains of interest.

Because a Twine is maintained not by just a singular individual but a group of folks that are ostensibly passionate about it, you’re not relying on a computer algorithm to make sure it’s actually on topic (Not sure what I’m talking about?  Try doing a Google News search on Joost and “online video”.  The results are pretty hilarious).

There are many other uses for the service, but this particular use is the one that’s most important to me. 

Other Twine fans out there?  How do you use the service?

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