image John was tipped last night with an advance copy of the program for DEMO ‘09, and put up a list of the ‘class demonstrators.’ You can always run over to SiliconANGLE and grab a copy of the PDF there, or you can peruse the list I’ve put together this morning.

It’s, with logos (when available), the links to each company website and company descriptions provided by the organizations involved.

If you recall, the last time DEMO put on a show, Robert Scoble very famously criticized the web design of all the participants. I’ve been to every website perusing the products (I’ll be posting my favorites and ones to watch Monday here and at /SocNets), and with one or two exceptions, all the websites seem to be pretty top notch.

If you’re planning on going, or even covering the results from the show, here’s a good place to start to get familiar with the sort of thing to be coming out of DEMO this time around.

image 7 Billion People, Inc.

WebLegend takes e-commerce to the next level by replacing the one-Web-fits-all approach with a dynamic, personalized Web experience. With an average of 97 out of every 100 shoppers abandoning their online shopping carts, e-retailers are missing a massive opportunity to close transactions with the visitors who are already on their Web sites. Using the same techniques proven to work in face-to-face selling, WebLegend increases conversion rates up to 50 percent by providing each shopper with the information they need to complete the transaction.

image Always Innovating, Inc.

The Touch Book is a portable device that works as both a netbook and a touchscreen tablet. Use the keyboard to type an email or open an Office document. Or use the touchscreen tablet to browse sites on your fridge door or play games and watch videos from your sofa. Based on open source software and hardware, the instant-on Touch Book weighs just two pounds and offers never-before-seen battery life.

image AppZero Corp.

AppZero speeds Cloud Computing adoption with software to create Virtual Application Appliances (VAAs), an approach to packaging server-based applications for delivery to any virtual environment anywhere — datacenter, hosting-provider, infrastructure cloud or cloud to cloud. VAAs package an application with all of its dependencies, but zero operating system. This means enterprise applications can be provisioned instantly and moved at a mouse click to run anywhere, without burdensome licensing issues or concern for breaking applications.

image Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.

The next-generation mobile address book isn’t just about bringing the clutter of social networks into your mobile phone. It’s about creating a high-speed, people centric index into your relationships and communications. The Asurion Mobile AddressBook is an open, context-rich launching pad for the things you want to do every day on your phone.

image Avaak, Inc.

Vue is a network of small, battery powered wireless cameras that stream video directly to the Internet from anywhere in your home or business. Vue is incredibly simple to install and requires zero network configuration or special software. Vue video streams can be seen on any Flash-enabled device from everywhere through your own secure account on my. Enjoy instant live video access and record or share your cameras or content with your friends and family.

image BitGravity, Inc.

BG Live HD is the first standards-based, high definition broadcasting solution for the Internet. The product works with Flash players, requiring no plug-ins or downloads. It can broadcast at resolutions up to 1080p at 30 frames per second with four-second delays from the source. BG Live HD takes minutes to setup, is surprisingly affordable and operates with standard, off-the-shelf hardware that has the ability to input native HD as the source.

image bluBuzz, LLC

bluBuzz is a commerce-based networking solution that allows subscribers to send various forms of content (text, images, audio and video) containing menus, drink specials, sale discounts, etc. to consumers’ mobile devices via Bluetooth. Using a combination of custom hardware and software, bluBuzz provides an open mobile commerce platform for proximity-based marketing, purchases, gaming, civil alerts and in-network communications (text and voice chat), all via Bluetooth.

image Cc:Betty, Inc.

Email is our original social network, todo list and means of collaboration. It’s where we get things done and, as a result, is prone to clutter and confusion. Cc:Betty works as a personal email assistant to initiate and sort through emails and parse conversations, files, images, media, dates and places, in the spirit of saving time while collaborating and coordinating with groups of people.

image Citrix Online

GoView is a simple screen recording, editing and hosting service available over the Web to create and share content widely. Users can create screencasts of presentations, product demos and application training. GoView is uniquely designed to enable the novice user to quickly record, polish and distribute content.

image Coveroo, Inc.

Coveroo makes your personal electronics truly personal. A Coveroo replaces the original back cover on your mobile device or MP3 player with a custom version featuring a laser-engraved artwork from your favorite band, TV show, movie or artist, which you can also do with your own laser engraver you can get from this Boss Laser reviews. We have hundreds of designs – from Barbie to Bart Simpson – or you can upload your own artwork. Coveroos are made using a high quality engraving process so they don’t fade or wear like skins or stickers.

image deskNET SA

sobees organizes and integrates Web applications and services onto the desktop, makes them available offline and offers an easy user experience to you and your social network. sobees is the perfect desktop companion for online social networks. It pulls information from friends and from the Web and offers seamless data sharing and a friendly and intuitive interface that allows customization and better control of content and computer experience.

image Document Depository Corp., LLC

Document Depository Corporation (DDC) is an easy to use, hosted solution for the management of legal and related documentation that greatly improves upon the current practice of storing documents in filing cabinets and email folders. Techwaste is the best Electronic Recycling Center that pickup the same day. Initial DDC application modules include Corporate Governance, Contract Tracker, and Multi Entity Legal Negotiation. Offered at a competitive price point, DDC provides full disaster recovery features, state-of-the art security and intuitive design for easy and efficient document retrieval.

image eFormic, Ltd.

The CO2code allows companies to climate-neutralize the emissions of products with the use of CO2certificates. The software splits these CO2certificates (tons of CO2) into small units (e.g., pounds of CO2), generating CO2codes, which can be printed on each product, like a serialcode. This allows end-consumers to trace how a yogurt, flight or conference was climate-balanced. While the cost of climate-neutralizing an individual product is extremely low (a bottle of wine=$0.03), the marketing effects are enormous.

image Ensembli, Ltd.

What’s relevant to you is deeply personal to you. Search engines, feed readers and aggregators can’t sense who you are and what interests you, and they certainly don’t anticipate what’ll excite you. Instead they overwhelm you. Ensembli gets smarter about you the more you use it. It is effortless to use, continually acting on your behalf to surface your must-see stories whenever you have a few spare minutes and helping you save time and stay informed.

image Evri, Inc.

Evri is building a way for content to network — a way for that great article you just read to make meaningful connections with every other contextually relevant article, paper, blog, image, audio clip or video on the Web. We will be showing new applications built on our public API (also new) that let users take our technology with them on the Web and share their interests with their friends.

image Gazaro, Inc. is first user-controlled and personalized electronic sales flyer. You specify what you want and Gazaro uses artificial intelligence to find and filter the best sales in your city. View your personal sales flyer online and get alerts on great sales via email, RSS and Twitter. You control how and when you get notified. You control which products get displayed in your flyer.

image HAM-IT, Inc.

HAM-IT is a “mobile centric” single stop shop to globally connect and match consumers with local providers of day-to-day consumer services with capability to collaborate and schedule. It also allows providers to freely publish their product and service offerings as “Web ready content” by mobile devices, thereby eliminating the traditional need to own a Web page or directory listings and related marketing efforts.

Home-Account, Inc.

Home-Account is an intelligent, Web based mortgage buying subscription service. Home-Account will help America’s
75 million homeowners take control of their largest assets and use them to insure their financial security, likely saving hundreds of dollars per month in the process. Think of it as a for mortgages: the service grades and analyzes the homeowners and their mortgage, presents scenarios to improve their mortgage and then pinpoints the best realistic mortgage option in the market.

image HowSimple, LLC

HowSimple has developed a desktop application that allows you to create, access, manage and share unlimited content and media with ease. Our Q format serves as the basis for this multiple concurrent panel viewing system that radically alters the way we see and interact with the virtual world. Two additional products that will advance this theme into new realms of possibility are set to release shortly.

image Jadoos, Inc.

Jadoos is a Web remote control that helps you to manage your online identity simply, quickly and securely. It is accessible from different devices, anywhere and anytime, delivering you relevant information on demand. You can easily build, connect and share your social networks, applications and information and communicate instantly with friends, family, neighbors or anyone. The Jadoos backend is a cloud-based social Web operating system, giving companies and developers the infrastructure to build, connect and monetize simple and advanced social applications.

image Kutano Corp.

Kutano is the gateway to unbiased information — a ubiquitous public forum for sharing information side-by-side on any Web page. Kutano understands the subject of the Web page, avoiding any issues due to the Internet’s dynamic nature. This allows people to obtain the right information at the right time, before they have to ask. Kutano is democratizing content on the Internet, allowing users to say what they want, where they want to say it.

Liquid Media, LLC

Loyal2Me (L2M) is a ‘consumer-controlled marketing’ ecosystem that re-invents Business2Consumer loyalty programs for the new economy. Consumers control custom ‘VoiceTouch’ marketing feeds to receive premium offers from white listed businesses. L2M consumers also control the content, timing and frequency of discount offers. L2M’s ‘VoiceRocket’ voice messaging toolbox allows consumers to record/send personal voice recordings, and forward compelling discount offers, to a friend’s phone or to groups of friends. Loyal2Me businesses win when consumers control the marketing conversation.

image Ontier, Inc.

Pixetell on-demand software provides the power of in-person interaction and the convenience of email. You can verbally and visually explain spreadsheets, drawings, designs, proposals… anything on your screen. With Pixetell, you quickly combine screen recordings, voice, webcam, rich text and attachments into a secure, interactive message sent over existing channels including email, blogs, wikis, IM and Twitter. Recipients view Pixetells at their convenience in their Web browser and can reply with their own Pixetell message.

image Primal Fusion, Inc.

The ideas you need for work and research are presently scattered across many sources on the Web. Primal Fusion connects these ideas together, making it easy to collect your thoughts without getting mired in a glut of information. Your ideas are captured in personal thought networks, which grow into powerful assets for building, organizing and expressing your knowledge. As machine readable data, thought networks can be transformed into documents, Web sites, RSS feeds and other forms.

image Promptu Systems Corp.

ShoutOUT is the first voice-to-text SMS application for iPhone. Built on Promptu Systems Corporation’s powerful  speech recognition technology, ShoutOUT lets users dictate messages in natural language, quickly check their text message and send the SMS to their intended recipients. Promptu creates multimodal talk-and-type mobile phone applications for consumers, carriers, handset providers and travel and transportation companies. ShoutOUT will
soon be available in Europe through a major wireless carrier.

Purewire, Inc.

Purewire Trust is the first service to dynamically establish trust and safety online. It builds user reputations that protect individuals in user-to-user relationships for commerce (i.e., classified sites), collaboration (i.e., virtual worlds) and communication (i.e., social networks). It collects information, monitors patterns and builds reputation information for online identities. Purewire Trust’s global infrastructure and classification algorithms detect suspicious
people, empowering users to base online decisions on actual activity.

image Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc.

Based on reflective technology, Qualcomm’s mirasol displays use significantly less energy than traditional displays. The display’s nature-based design lends to low power consumption and high reflectivity, offering consumers extended battery life and superior outdoor visibility. The display’s bistable nature allows for near zero power usage in situations where the display image is unchanged.

image Qubes, Inc.

Gagapost makes owning and maintaining a personal blog easier than it’s ever been. Using regular PCs or handheld devices, blog owners can easily create a post and then enable various groups of friends to collaborate on, contribute to and co-own the post. Yet, each personal blog is still individually owned. By collecting pieces of puzzles from yourself and your friends’ memories, your personal blog flourishes and grows on its own. Gagapost is the new content-based social network.

image Silverstone Solutions, Inc.

Matchmaker is a full-featured clinical application that gives transplant organizations the tools to manage an active and scalable Kidney Paired Donation program. In KPD, an incompatible donor/recipient pair (husband and wife) is matched with another incompatible pair (brother and sister) when there is cross compatibility (husband/sister and brother/wife). Matchmaker utilizes proprietary algorithms that find all compatible pairs within a pool and also prioritizes the list to enable the greatest number of potential transplants.

image Skout, Inc.

Skout Out is a dating tool that helps singles find and flirt with others in their immediate vicinity. Leveraging LBS and 42” touch-screen plasma displays, people looking for love only need their fingers to flirt, send virtual gifts and even music to the people that dazzle them. Skout Out currently interacts with hundreds of thousands of Skout users via their iPhones, cell phones and laptops to find love on Skout’s mobile dating service.

image SmartyCard

SmartyCard is the first online game where kids learn stuff and earn stuff. Smarty-Card’s learn, earn and play experience provides real and virtual rewards to tens of millions of families that believe learning at home can be fun. SmartyCard features fun and interactive games created in partnership with leading online educational content providers. Kids earn and redeem points for the most popular rewards at iTunes, Club Penguin, Webkinz, Stardoll,
Bella Sara and other popular family sites.

image Symantec Corp.

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help consumers and
organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Project Guru from Symantec provides the necessary tools and services to enable “tech savvy” users to efficiently and effectively provide IT support remotely to family members and friends without the need to spend a lot of time on the phone or visit in person.

image Technicopia, LLC

gwabbit is an inexpensive plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that quickly finds and captures contacts from anywhere within an email and instantly transforms them into Outlook Address Book contact records. gwabbit makes the tedious, time consuming chore of contact capture fast, easy and fun! gwabbit downloads and installs quickly and easily and is priced at only $19.95.

image Transformyx, Inc.

RallyPoint is a Web-based crisis communication and employee accountability application. RallyPoint offers the only true inbound and outbound messaging solution. By combining all modes of standard communication with the Web and a touch-tone based phone system, RallyPoint can quickly and accurately provide secure communications and accountability between managemen
t, employees, clients, vendors and even the media.

image Vokle, Inc.

Vokle offers a live, Web-based, video communication and collaboration platform for individuals and companies to better promote their content through instantaneous word-of-mouth discussions. From a public video chat on a community ranked article to focus group feedback on a sponsored product, Vokle aims to unmute the mainstream in a simple and fun way.

image Xandros, Inc.

Xandros Instant On enables computers to boot in seconds. Users can then browse the Web, chat using instant messaging, make Skype calls and do many other useful things without waiting for Microsoft Windows to start. Xandros Instant On is available as a customizable solution for OEMs and as an inexpensive retail product compatible with most Windows XP and Vista laptops.

image XMARKS is a consumer Web discovery service. For any Web site, will show you detailed information about that site including popularity rankings, site reviews, similar sites and related topics. Discover more about similar sites, add a review or click on a topic to see the most popular sites within that topic., formerly known as Foxmarks, is powered by its free bookmark sync utility managing over half a billion bookmarks for millions of users.

image Zipadi Technologies, LLC

Zipadi is the first do-it-yourself, Software as a Service (pay as you go) platform that integrates digital publishing, e-commerce and CRM for the five million small to medium size businesses that rely on printed sales and marketing materials to sell their products. Zipadi lets you build an effective e-commerce Web site using existing creative assets. Save time. Save money. And make life easier.

image Zuora, Inc.

Z-Commerce for Facebook is the very first product on the market that provides a simple and effective, non-advertising based way for Facebook developers to monetize their applications.

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