image_thumb283As we speak, I still have the live stream going. Today has been a hellacious day trying to keep up with emails (I know I owe a ton of you emails today – I’ll be trying to catch up this evening) on top of the show, normal client workload and posting monstrous round-ups.

None the less, I feel like I have to share with you some of the products and startups I really enjoyed learning about today.  Hopefully, we’ll be getting some interviews and close up demonstrations tomorrow as Michael Sean Wright will be in attendence at DEMO tomorrow, blogging for us here at Rizzn and SiliconANGLE.

Until then, though, this is what I liked:

image_thumb13[4] Always Innovating, Inc.
The Touch Book is a portable device that works as both a netbook and a touchscreen tablet. Use the keyboard to type an email or open an Office document. Or use the touchscreen tablet to browse sites on your fridge door or play games and watch videos from your sofa. Based on open source software and hardware, the instant-on Touch Book weighs just two pounds and offers never-before-seen battery life.


PC Magazine: Always Innovating Launches Four-In-One ‘Touch Book’
Christian Science Monitor: The Touch Book from Always Innovating features a detachable
Crunchgear: Touch Book: Tablet netbook with ARM CPU, 10+ hour battery
VentureBeat: DEMO: Always Innovating’s Touch Book sounds amazing. Can it deliver?
NetworkWorld: Touch-screen laptop, iPhone service highlight DEMO 09
MobileMagazine: A Real Convertible Tablet Netbook with Detachable Screen
jkOnTheRun: Hybrid Touch Book from Always Innovating adds/ removes the keyboard
The Link Experts: World’s first touchscreen netbook?

Our take: This is hands down the big winner of DEMO in terms of coverage. I’m actually watching the demo for the product as I’m typing this post up, and it looks like it’s a great system. I’m going to leave the bigger analysis for the hardware experts, but from a consumer perspective, I’ll put it this way – I want one now.

image_thumb58[4] Cc:Betty, Inc. Email is our original social network, todo list and means of collaboration. It’s where we get things done and, as a result, is prone to clutter and confusion. Cc:Betty works as a personal email assistant to initiate and sort through emails and parse conversations, files, images, media, dates and places, in the spirit of saving time while collaborating and coordinating with groups of people.


CNet: Podcast: Cc:Betty organizes your email
PC World: DEMO 09: CCBetty Makes Any Email into an Online Message Board
VentureBeat: Cc:Betty makes email easier for collaboration
WebWorkerDaily: Cc:Betty Offers Your Own Personal Email A
ReadWriteWeb: cc:Betty Launches Smart Email Service
Lifehacker: Cc:Betty Organizes Email Conversations and Attachments

Our take: I was expecting this to be I Want Sandy 2.0.  It wasn’t, but it still didn’t fail to disappoint in the scope of what it attempts to do.  This is one of those tools that to properly evaluate, you’d actually have to use it for a few days – so don’t believe any reviews you see before next week.

image_thumb724 Zuora, Inc. Z-Commerce for Facebook is the very first product on the market that provides a simple and effective, non-advertising based way for Facebook developers to monetize their applications.


Other takes:
Zuora Brings Subscription Billing To Facebook Apps – Washington Post
Facebook as an enterprise cloud platform? – CNet
DEMO: Zuora launches subscription engine for Facebook apps – VentureBeat
Zuora: Completing the SaaS Circle – E-Commerce Times
Lehman Brothers Spins Off Venture Capital Arm – New York Times
Zuora’s Tien Tzuo to Present at Cloud Computing Conference in NYC – SYS-CON Brasil

Our take: The presentation wasn’t what won us, it was the concept.  Adding the ability to subscribe with money is a powerful thing on Facebook.  There are very few ways to more quickly spread an app than by putting it on Facebook (other than putting it in the iPhone App store).  Our only concern is that Facebook themselves may steal this technology so they can get a piece of the action, and they’ve shown very little compunctions in doing this in the past.

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