Just the other day, I just so happened to log onto Facebook, and someone happened to have just installed a particularly clever application for the purposes of graphing your, well, social graph.


What you see above a scattergraph representation of my connections on Facebook, and their connections to one another. The diamond-ish shape in the upper right hand corner are mostly former classmates from high school.  The less dense collection just to the left of them are friends from East Texas.  Many of them are friends with those who graduated with me, but stuck around the area.

The dense blob to the lower left?  That’s most of you.  That’s a conglomeration of New Media fanbois, public relations folk, bloggers, journalists and evangelists.

It’s an odd graph, when you look at it that way, and the emerging graph on the upper right poses an interesting problem for the professional graph on the lower left.

With that in mind, take a gander at this short video that explains this.

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