You’re going to continue to see a lot of video SxSW updates from me continuing on into the next couple of weeks.  Michael Sean Wright is going to be passing to me at some point around 40-60 hours of live video to sort through, and I’ve got around 4 hours of video that I recorded personally to edit and disseminate.

I found this video, though, from G4.  I would have insisted he put me on air with him since I was right next to him while he was shooting a few of the standups, but I got snagged by the Porter Novelli folks to hang out in their booth for a few.

The three startups they discuss here look interesting, but of the three, OtherInbox has the most buzz. They other, two, Hourville and PopCuts, were uniquely suited to resonate with conference attendees, but I don’t see either of them going mainstream like we see Twitter doing now.

Check them both out, though, they look interesting. For my picks for the win this year, see my post over at the Inquisitr.

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